User Success Story: Ride into Savings

We’re excited about our October user success story! Cindy and Art are new to reward travel and RewardStock. They have been earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points but weren’t maximizing their rewards for travel. With a 2018 cycling tour from Prague to Budapest on the books, they decided to try our new award booking service to get their flights. Cindy and Art will be pedaling across Europe in June after saving $10,000 on flights with RewardStock!

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RewardStock User (and Employee) Saves Over $4,100 for 15 Days in Switzerland

RewardStock lead software developer Josh and his wife Tara just returned from a gorgeous 15-day vacation in Switzerland. And the icing on the cake (or cheese in the fondue, as it were): they saved over $4,100 on flights and hotels. Below, Josh shares some of the awesome photos they took, and breaks down in detail how they got their trip, with a little planning and some help from the experts at RewardStock.

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“We wish we knew about RewardStock sooner!”

Ray and Kisha are relatively new to reward travel. They learned about RewardStock about 2 years ago and have been saving money on travel ever since. Take a look at a few of the trips that they have taken in the past 2 years with the help of RewardStock! While you’re at it, take a look at what other RewardStock users have been up to. 

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RewardStock Users Save $3,000 on Flights to London!

Thanksgiving is never a cheap time to travel. Especially when your travel dates are set and your location is London. Not to worry, because Colby and his wife were able to save $3,000 on their flights thanks to RewardStock! Colby was so thrilled about the savings he had his dog, Briggs, help him deliver the “thank you” to RewardStock!

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User Success Story: An Epic Honeymoon to Australia

We’re excited for the March’s user success story from Emily and Roland. They are getting married in the fall and are in the process of planning their honeymoon to Australia. This isn’t going to be any honeymoon, this is going to be an epic honeymoon. With the help of RewardStock, Emily and Roland have booked their roundtrip business class flights and 8 of the 12 hotel nights in 5 star hotels all on points! If they were to pay for the flights and hotels, they would retail around $29,000! Take a look at their excitement in the video below.

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Success! RewardStock users earn $1,700 in travel by buying a house!

Anyone that has purchased a home knows that part of the “joy” of home ownership are big purchases. Our most recent user success story comes from Doc and Carmen, first-time home buyers, that were renovating a kitchen. Their story is below.

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