Aloha! Southwest Announces Plan for Routes to Hawaii in 2018

Southwest Airlines made a big announcement Wednesday night! They are planning to add routes from continental US to Hawaii in 2018. That’s right – you will soon be able to use your Rapid Rewards® to go to Hawaii! This is a great addition to an already extensive route map throughout the Continental US, Caribbean and Central America. Continue reading “Aloha! Southwest Announces Plan for Routes to Hawaii in 2018”

Cash In Your Credits Before Year End

Certain credit cards have great benefits, even beyond the signup bonuses and points you’ll earn for every dollar you spend. In fact, some cards offer hundreds of dollars in additional cash-back offers every year — IF you claim them. So if you’ve got one of these cards, please claim them! We’ll talk about two such cards here.

Let’s start with the American Express Platinum card. If you’ve got this card, you’re paying a hefty $450 annual fee. But did you know that you can get $200 back in statement credits every year that can cover certain airline-related costs? You should definitely claim that value every year, and if you don’t do it right / in time, you lose that chance until next year, with a new annual fee.

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Marriott and Starwood merger – What should you know?

You may have heard that Marriott and Starwood finalized their merger last night. With that, there were a lot of uncertainties, some of which have been answered today. This merger creates the world’s largest hotel brand with over 5,700 hotels in 110 countries, so it’s kind of a big deal. One of the biggest pieces of news today is that you can now merge your accounts. We’ll show you how.

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RewardStock’s Chase Sapphire Reserve Review

The new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card has generated a lot of buzz in the past couple of days. Anyone that has another Chase rewards card (Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, etc.) understands the value of the points earned on these cards. We usually do not review specific cards, but we’ve received so many questions in the past two days about the Chase Sapphire Reserve, we thought we’d provide our thoughts.

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Hyatt Announces Changes to Award Chart – but Don’t Worry

Earlier this week, Hyatt announced that they are making changes to the redemption categories for about 100 of their hotels. This change is effective August 1, 2016. 50 hotels are increasing in category (more points needed per night) and 56 hotels are decreasing in category (fewer points needed per night). RewardStock’s charts will reflect this change on August 1st, but we wanted to give our users a head’s up.

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