Tips for using a credit card on 4 common wedding expenses

Planning a wedding can be expensive. There is no doubt about it. According to the average wedding in the United States is north of $25,000. Typically, a budget* has already been established by whomever is paying for your wedding, so let us help you think about ways to strategically spend that budget while earning a return on your purchases – by using credit cards. Below you will find 4 ways that credit cards can be your second best friend (after your future spouse) as you make these purchases. You’re already planning on spending money, so you may as well have someone reward you for these purchases!

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Report: Travel Costs Money

In a shocking turn of events, society has determined that traveling the world has to cost lots of money. It is not possible to see the world for just a few bucks. Sorry lovers of life, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…

April Fools! Of course you can travel for next-to-nothing. You just need a smart strategy! Plan your way to a free vacation and see all that this world has to offer, on any budget! Don’t worry, we’ll show you how 🙂

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3 simple ways to get more from reward points

There are tons of ways to use reward points for travel. Most people know that you can find redemption options by searching travel online – for example searching American Airlines’s website to see how to use your American Airlines miles. But what many people don’t know is that some of the best options are hiding just under the surface.

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How we flew first class to Asia for about $200

The following is the true story of how RewardStock users Hud and Vicki traveled First Class across the globe for a trip of a lifetime, paid for primarily with points!

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6 Overlooked Credit Card Benefits

Credit cards offer great ways to earn rewards for travel, but did you know that there are more benefits to having a credit card than just the points you earn? When applying for a new credit card, it’s important to not only pay attention to the bonus points earned, spending category bonuses, and interest rates, but you should also take a look at that card’s other benefits. While these are typically advertised, many people are not aware of the benefits their cards provide, so we wanted to point a few of them out.

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Take a look at Xconomy’s feature of RewardStock

Thanks to Xconomy for sharing the RewardStock story! Take a look to learn how you can benefit from RewardStock’s services.

We go way beyond just planning a simple reward trip for you. From educating you on the management of your points to showing you how to maximize value, we help ensure you are able to get the most out of your points. You wouldn’t blindly invest in your 401(k), would you? Then why would you blindly invest and spend your hard-earned credit card points. Sign up for your free account to start saving and start planning today!

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